Designed by Orthopedic Surgeon

Wrist Cushion for Keyboard

Designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon – Ergonomic Wrist Support

The IMAK® Wrist Cushion for Keyboard is filled with massaging ergoBeads®, making for the most comfortable ergonomic wrist support available. The unique design conforms to your keyboard, while completely supporting your wrist and forearm in an ergonomically correct position, reducing stress in your hands, wrists and arms.

The ergoBeads® massage your wrist as you type, providing all day typing comfort and promoting healthy hands and wrists.

Key Benefits:

  • Cushions and massages your wrists
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Contours to your keyboard
  • Squeezable for stress relief
  • Freeze for extra cooling relief

Use the IMAK Wrist Cushion for Keyboard whenever you type.


  • Length: 47 cm
  • Available in the colors black, gray and blue

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