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Don’t let carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) pain keep you up at night. Use IMAK®’s SmartGlovePM™ for effective nighttime relief.

Rest and night splinting remain the #1 doctor-recommended conservative treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, and the patented SmartGlovePM was rated to be the most effective nighttime splint for the treatment of CTS (click here to read more).

SmartGlovePM provides exceptional comfort and maximum pain relief, so you can sleep through the night pain-free.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes healing with therapeutic warmth
  • Prevents hand from being held in a harmful position while sleeping
  • Soft cotton lining and cushioning foam allow skin to breathe
  • Features adjustable hook and loop strap for a
    perfect fit
  • Universal to fit right or left hand

Use SmartGlovePM for carpal tunnel syndrome, forearm tendinitis, arthritis, and other wrist and hand pain. The SmartGlovePM is also ideal for pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome.

For daytime relief, try the SmartGlove®.


  • Washable


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