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New Product: The IMAK
Smart Glove®

IMAK introduces the Smart Glove® with Thumb Support, new addition to the popular Smart Glove® to protect against painful thumb injuries.

SAN DIEGO, CA - For computer and PDA users who suffer from thumb pain, often called 'BlackBerry Thumb', IMAK Products Corporation offers a solution with its latest addition to the Smart Glove line of wrist supports: the Smart Glove with Thumb Support featuring a comfortable thumb extension. Two semi-rigid stays are located on both sides of the thumb to provide maximum support while allowing the hand and thumb freedom of movement to continue working.

Like the original Smart Glove, this new version features the same flexible, removable dorsal stay that helps keep wrists in a neutral position. The dorsal stay prevents excessive bending and flexing of the wrist but allows full mobility of the hand. In addition, a pad filled with smooth plastic beads protects the underside of the wrist from hard surfaces and sharp edges. Because it is made of durable cotton Lycra, the Smart Glove keeps hands comfortable, providing good circulation. The Smart Glove with Thumb Support is machine washable.