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Major Gaming Sessions Without the Pain of Repetitive Stress with IMAK SmartGlove® and SmartGlove® w/Thumb

Now Caffeine and Cheetos aren’t the Only Essentials to Marathon Gaming

San Diego, Calif., December 1, 2006 – In baseball, the pitcher's elbow is the first thing to go. In boxing, the brain takes the biggest beating (look at Ali). For PC and console gamers, as well as BlackBerry addicts, it’s the wrists and hands that suffer the most, whether from a marathon session at the keyboard playing World of Warcraft® or fighting to survive playing Dead or Alive® on Xbox 360®. Now, hardcore gamers can ease the pain of battle fatigue with the introduction of three amazing products: the SmartGlove, the SmartGlove with Thumb Support; and the Computer Glove. All three products deliver extremely comfortable wrist stabilization to alleviate pain and discomfort while helping to prevent injuries and even future medical procedures.

Caffeine and Cheetos used to be a gamers best friend. Now the avid or casual gamer can play long, intense sessions in much greater comfort thanks to the development of these three patented glove designs from IMAK Products.

The SmartGlove is made of a washable, soft and breathable cotton Lycra® that fits comfortably over the wrist, much like a glove without covering the fingers. A flexible, plastic splint extends over the wrist providing support while allowing freedom of movement. The Smart Glove also is designed with an ergoBeads™ filled wrist pad that provides added wrist support, particularly useful when using a computer keyboard. The bead-filled pad is an important facet of the SmartGlove design that keeps the wrist in an ergonomic yet non-rigid position, which also prevents muscle atrophy. The SmartGlove is the only wrist support device that has this feature. SRP - $24.99

The SmartGlove with Thumb Support is designed exactly like the SmartGlove; only this version has a thumb extension that is perfect for using a PC keyboard or mouse when gaming. SRP - $29.99

Repetitive Stress Disorder
Repetitive Stress Disorder occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the hand, becomes repeatedly stressed, pressed or squeezed over a long period of time. The median nerve controls sensation to the thumb and fingers (although not the little finger) as well as other small muscles in the hand that allow thumb and finger motion. When the median nerve is aggravated or traumatized over a period of time, such as extended periods at the computer or when using a game controller, numbness and pain (often severe pain) result in the fingers, hand and wrist, even spreading up the forearm.

About IMAK Products
Established in 1998, IMAK Products Corporation, the Pain Relief Innovators, make orthopedic and ergonomic products that address the growing need for pain relief and prevention of repetitive stress injuries. IMAK's orthopedic and ergonomic product line is specifically designed for relief of wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb pain, elbow pain, neck pain and other soft tissue and joint pain with a focus on natural pain relief. IMAK products include wrist braces, wrist supports, thumb supports, elbow supports, neck pillows, eye pillows, a seat cushion & back support, and other products. The IMAK corporate office is located in San Diego, California.